The Stare HDRip Full Movie 720p

Ayano Mishima (Tomomi Itano) works as an AD at a TV broadcasting station. She covers the mysterious death case of a young man. Before he died, he said that somebody was watching him. Covering the case, Ayano Mishima realizes that the mysterious eye is also coming after her.

    Romaji: Nozokime
    Japanese: のぞきめ
    Director: Koichiro Miki
    Writer: Shinzo Mitsuda (novel), Kenichi Suzuki
    Cinematographer: Masashi Enomoto
    Release Date: April 2, 2016
    Runtime: 99 min.
    Genre: Horror
    Distributor: Kadokawa Pictures, Presidio
    Language: Japanese
    Country: Japan


    Tomomi Itano - Ayano Mishima
    Shunya Shiraishi - Shinji Tsuda
    Mari Iriki - Kazuyo
    Chizuru Azuma - Kazuyo's Mother
    Kotaro Yoshida - Soichi Aizawa
    Ryota Ozawa
    Kokoa Ishii
    Tetsuhiro Ikeda
    Shiro Tsubuyaki
    Masanori Ishii

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