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Six young women, including Katsuki Takahashi (Minami Minegishi), hold a high school reunion, but their high school has been shut down. The women are happy to see each other again. Suddenly, a shot rings out and one person dies. They receive a text message from Natumi Shirakawa who died 7 years ago. The text message asks "who is the criminal?" To figure out the identity of the perpetrator they look back at what happened 7 years ago.

    Romaji: Joshiko
    Japanese: 女子高
    Director: Koki Yamamoto
    Writer: Koki Yamamoto
    Release Date: April 9, 2016
    Runtime: 100 min.
    Distributor: United Entertainment
    Language: Japanese
    Country: Japan


Minami Minegishi     Riho Takada     Haru Izumi     Erina Nakayama
Katsuki Takahashi     Mifuyu Tachibana     Natsumi Shirakawa     Takako Minefuji
Shiori Kitayama     Ayana Sogawa     Mika Ushio     Ami Tomite
Erika Uchida     Arisa Kida     Yuka Kawasaki     Aki Yazawa

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