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Jong-Moo (Min-Hyuk) smiles at Na-Young’s (Han Go-Young) picture on a calendar. Even though he can't meet her in person, he's happy just staring at her picture. One day, Na-Young moves in next door to Joo-Moo. His is life is suddenly filled with energy. Jong-Moo learns that Na-Young is having a tough life and tries to do anything for her.

Meanwhile, Joo-Moo's friend Yong-Jin (Kwon Young-Ho) dreams of sleeping with his girlfriend Ji-Hee (Lee So-Hee). Whenever he tries to get intimate with her, he finds himself at the crossroad of death. Ji-Hee tells him her secret.

    Revised romanization: Kaellindeogeol
    Hangul: 캘린더걸
    Director: Kang Hyeon-Cheol
    Release Date: April 7, 2016
    Runtime: 92 min.
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea


Han Ga-Young   
Lee So-Hee   
Kwon Young-Ho

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