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The National Talent Competition is coming up and the students must battle each other to win. As they prepare for it, unexpected love stories unfold. Royi has to choose between twin brothers, Jayden and Hayden, to pair up with in the competition. Zhao Ming persuades her classmates to form an acapella team, even resorting to lying. Trouble couple Acan and Hao, who are forced into the competition, start to fall for each other while aiming to win it.

Language: Mandarin
Classification: P13
General Release Date: 18 Feb 2016
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Cast: Owodog, JC Chee, Royi, Yumi Wong SK, Keqing, Emily Kong
Director: Ah Niu, Teddy Chin
Format: 2D

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